Fear of Flying

The treatment of the fear of flying using Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy has many advantages over real exposure therapy. These advantages include decreased travel time, protection of client confidentiality, complete control over the exposure, and the ability to repeat one aspect of the flight several times in one session. A typical hierarchy for the fear of flying would expose you to the following:

  • Sitting in the airplane with the engines off
  • Sitting in the airplane with the engines on
  • Taxiing on the runway
  • Takeoff
  • Flying in good weather
  • Flying in bad weather
  • Landing

At every step of the virtual flight, the counselor can see and hear what you are experiencing in the virtual plane. They will also guide you in the use of effective techniques to decrease your anxiety while in the plane.

For clients who finish the treatment for the fear of flying we offer Graduation Flights several times a year. After the treatment, the client can join a group of other people who have successfully completed the program to go on an actual flight accompanied by a Doctor from our staff. This is a real test of the treatment success.