About the Tokyo Cyber Clinic

Welcome to the Tokyo Cyber Clinic. At the Tokyo Cyber Clinic we specialize in treating Anxiety Disorders. Our main goal at the clinic is to provide our clients with the highest level of care and support, enabling them to make positive changes in their mental health. For English speaking clients, our services focus in two main areas:

Phobias Sayonara! - Treatment of Fears and Phobias

Stress Sayonara! - Stress Reduction/Stress Management Programs

If you have an unreasonable fear or phobia of an object or situation, or feel the burden of stress and want to get it under control, we would like to help you. Browse the web pages, and if you feel we could be of some help, please contact us to set up an initial counseling session with an English speaking therapist.

Why are we a "Cyber Clinic"? At the Tokyo Cyber Clinic we embrace the use of technology as part of our treatment protocols. We are the only clinic in Japan offering virtual reality exposure therapy, a tool used to overcome fears and phobias. We also routinely make use of biofeedback techniques, enabling the client to easily see how the body responds to stress and different relaxation techniques. In addition, for Japanese speaking clients, we have developed internet based self-help treatment programs for Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia. The clinic and its staff are also actively involved in several research programs that implement technology to improve the treatment process for anxiety disorders.

The Tokyo Cyber Clinic, located in Akasaka, is a member of the Warakukai Medical Corporation. The Warakukai Medical Corporation has clinics in Nagoya, Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kamakura which offer a full range of psychiatric services.