Corporate Programs

At the Tokyo Cyber Clinic, we can help train your employees to become more confident and relaxed.

Our virtual reality exposure therapy is ideally suited for the business person that needs to travel and give presentations to a multi-national audience. If the employee has an anxiety disorder that interferes with their ability to fly comfortably or give an effective presentation, we can offer treatment. Even if the employee does not have an anxiety disorder, practicing a speech in front of the virtual audience can be a beneficial skill builder.

For the employee that may not have an effective means of dealing with stress, we offer instruction in relaxation techniques in combination with biofeedback. This gives the employee a tool they can take with them anywhere to combat the effects of stress, thereby increasing overall performance.

By making the Tokyo Cyber Clinic part of you companyfs employee assistance program, there is the opportunity for your employees who are treated to become more productive and satisfied.

With corporate clients, we can also arrange to do group treatments at your location if desired.

To arrange to have a demonstration of our virtual reality treatment options, please call to Akasaka Clinic.