Stress Sayonara!

Do you sometimes or regularly experience any of the following?

  • Repetitive or racing thoughts
  • Feeling easily irritated or on edge
  • Muscle tension and pain
  • Overreacting to unexpected problems
  • An inability to concentrate
  • A sense of being overwhelmed
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Overdoing activities such as exercising, shopping, or eating
  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Lack of confidence

    The above is just a partial list of signs and symptoms that may indicate that a person is under stress. Stress, when left out of control, has been linked to higher incidences of psychololgical and physical illness.

    There are many methods for dealing with or managing stress. At the Tokyo Cyber Clinic we focus on biofeedback, coupled with breath and muscle relaxation training, as a means of dealing with the physical signs of stress. With biofeedback, the physiological response of the body, for example: heart rate, skin temperature, sweat, breathing rate, and muscle tension, are monitored during the practice of relaxation technques. The instant feedback allows one to tailor the techniques to provide the most effective results for relaxation and the control of stress.

    Although we are the "Cyber Clinic", we take a very non-cyber approach to the treatment of the psychological component of stress. In addition to counseling based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy, we often turn towards meditation or the practice of mindfullness in various forms. We are strong believers that meditation practiced on a regular basis allows one to gain insight into behaviors and ways of thinking that may be contributing to an individual's stress. With this insight, people can then make positive changes and have a healthier mental state with less stress.

    If you would like to take some steps to get your stress under control, please contact us for an initial session in biofeedback relaxation.