Treatment Techniques

At the Tokyo Cyber Clinic, our staff are using several techniques to help our clients control their anxieties.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is widely used for treating anxiety disorders. With cognitive therapy the client learns to recognize and change unhealthy thoughts. Behavior therapy helps the client to learn new behaviors that replace unhealthy behaviors.

Exposure Therapy is often used to help a client "face their fear" by being exposed to objects or situations that cause anxiety. It is very effective for the treatment of many anxiety disorders. Exposure can be done suddenly with the flooding technique, or gradually with the hierarchy technique. Exposure therapy can also be done with actual or in vivo exposure, through visualization, or through Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is a unique type of exposure therapy that uses a virtual computer environment to help you confront your fear. An example is a virtual airplane or virtual tall building to help you overcome your fear of flying or fear of heights. The virtual environment is controlled by the counselor who also helps the client to apply cognitive-behavioral skills while they are in the simulated environment. To see a brief movie on Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for the Fear of Flying, follow this link: VR Demo Movie

Biofeedback is a technique where the physical signals from the client's body are measured to help understand their physical and emotional states. Electrodes are placed on the fingers and wrists to measure heart rate, temperature, and skin resistance, which are closely related to anxiety. Other sensors are also used to measure breathing rate or muscle tension. With special training, the client can learn to reduce stress and anxiety, and see the results as they are measured.

Meditation and Mindfulness are skills from integrative medicine that may have significant positive benefits in the mind/body health relationship. We offer basic instruction in meditation skills for clients who may benefit from such a practice.

Medications are sometimes used for anxiety disorders in combination with the other techniques. We have English speaking Psychiatrists on staff who can prescribe medications in cases that they may be needed.